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Curve conveyors

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Italconveyors’ goal is to provide accurate solutions aimed at the logistic management of products within industrial processes, through the use of its belt curve conveyors, unique and exclusive in each different sector.

Onda curve conveyor is a fantastic news in the field, when high loads or high speeds need a high performance conveyor.
Made by a plastic modular curve belt, Onda offers a fantastic mix quality/cost price , so let customers to use it not only for high performances, but also for all the standard applications, strongly increasing the application value.

In the Italconveyors web site are shown some of the most commonly adopted products, we invite you to get in contact with us for any type of information, questions or requests regarding curve conveyors.

Italconveyors supplies belt curves to any industry sector, by solving handling problems for any kind of product.
Italconveyors curve conveyors allow to carry loose products and packed products, boxes, bundles, and any other kind of product, from food to sacks in cemeteries.
The advantages of Italconveyors belt curves are the robustness (the long lasting) and the care with which they are realized, still in handicraft way, in order to meet and solve any customer request.
The frame can be made both in painted steel and in stainless steel.


  • Conical roller belt curves, suitable for conveying any kind of product, even with heavy load and high speed. The belt used is chosen according to the type of product, with 1, 2 or more plies, or with special belt surfaces.

These curves are suited for conveying heavy and speedy products and they are generally used for this purpose.

  • Cylindrical roller belt curves, which are suited for conveying small products, with low speed.

Bakery industry makes a great use of these curves, that are anyway suitable wherever a small transfer is needed, with diameters at the end up to 12 mm. The conveyed products are generally food, but also any other small and very small product.

  • ONDA curve conveyors are a real innovation, because they use a special strong modular plastic belt with closed surface, driven by sprockets, that allows to convey heavy products with a tight curve radius. Example: belt width 1000 mm with inner radius 600 mm.

Onda curve is a very robust conveyor, suitable for conveying sacks, ceramic tiles, bundles in bottling plants, wherever there are difficult environments.
The flat and closed surface of the belt allows to collect the shrinked and still hot bundles at the exit of the oven without damaging the plastic film with which they are covered.
Onda curves are very long lasting and require no maintenance. Any intervention and/or substitution is very fast and can be easily made in a few minutes.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for information regarding your new projects where curves are needed, with our curve conveyors we will certainly find the best solution for you.

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